Vascular Plant Families and Genera

Explanation of Output Format

The data for each generic name occupies two lines. The first line shows the family to which the name is referred, and the name itself appears on the second line. If the generic name is for an accepted genus, it will appear in bold face followed by the author or authors in their 'standard form' according to the Authors of Plant Names.

If the name is a synonym, it will appear in italics followed similarly by the 'standard form' for the author or authors. It will be followed by an equals sign (=) and the accepted name to which it is referred.

If the synonym is not available for use even under an alternative taxonomy, its nomenclatural status will be indicated in brackets according to the following abbreviations:

SUH: Synonym, unavailable, illegitimate later homonym
SUI: Synonym, unavailable, invalid
SUO: Synonym, unavailable, orthographic variant
SUS: Synonym, unavailable, illegitimate superfluous name

If the taxonomic status of the genus concerned is unresolved, this will be indicated by one of the following abbreviations:

UP: unplaced pending further research
UR: unplaced despite research done