What's New in SID 7.1?

Release 7.1 presents a revised taxonomic spine for SID. The taxonomic overhaul included the removal of duplicate species names and correction of typographic and spelling errors. All author names have been standardised to follow abbreviations given by Brummitt and Powell's Authors of Plant Names (1992). In addition the reference list has been edited and a bug in the seed viability module removed.

Hanny Morales and Wolfgang Stuppy have added records for 240 taxa to the Morphology Dataset, with associated images for 100 of these.

The Life Form and Dispersal Datasets have been increased by 4140 and 236 taxa respectively.

The Germination, Seed Weight and Storage Behaviour Datasets have been expanded by 4051, 11480 and 1945 taxa respectively, representing a lot of hard work by our Curation teams.

In total 8801 new taxa have been added bringing the total number of taxa included in SID to 33346.