SID — Taxonomy

Two different family naming systems have been incorporated within SID. Genera have been assigned to family in accordance with the current version of Dick Brummitt's Vascular Plant Families and Genera via a live link to the electronic, and web-searchable 'Brummitt' maintained by RBG Kew. As part of this, all of the genera within SID have also been standardised to match those accepted by Brummitt. Additionally, we have attempted to incorporate the phylogenetic higher level classification of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG). This classification recognises only monophyletic families and orders, most, but not all of which fit into informal higher level groups or clades. 'Brummitt' recognises more families than the APG, and we have used a 'read-across' derived from the list of synonyms provided on the APG website. Users should treat this with caution, as family circumscriptions may not be exactly the same in some cases. At ordinal and higher level, concordance with other, more formal classification systems may be rather forced; for a 'read-across', try 'The Flowering Plant Gateway' at Texas A&M. Note that, though substantially complete, the APG Classification is 'work in progress', with an update planned. Note also, that for convenience we have included a higher level classification of Gymnosperms (or Non-angiosperm Seed Plants), obviously not the business of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group! Here is a diagram of the higher APG taxonomy.