SID — Useful Links

  1. Substantial bibliographic datasets:

    Kew's own Plant Micromorphology Bibliographic Database currently contains well over 6,000 items covering seed and/or fruit structure.

    For UK species, there is much seed ecological and related information in the Ecological Flora Database.

  2. Useful information for gardeners, including seed germination conditions: Seed germination conditions for a wide range of garden and house plants This is the website for the Royal Horticultural Society and contains a wide range of gardening hints and tips

  3. For more germination information, try the Species Compendium database at where you can also access online, the long out of print, but valuable 'Compendium of Specific Germination Information and Test Recommendations' by Ellis, Hong and Roberts.

A diverse variety of other useful seed and plant biology, educational and conservation links are available via the Millennium Seed Bank Project homepage