Seed Germination

Germination — see useful links for related sites

'cultivar name (where appropriate); % germination; details of any pre-sowing treatments that were applied; details of the germination medium; details of germination conditions*; notes relevant to the interpretation of the germination data; source reference'

*Information on germination conditions is in the following format; germination temperature(s), light hours/dark hours (per 24 hour period). e.g. 21°C, 12/12 (seeds were incubated at 21°C with a 12 hour photoperiod). e.g. 21/11°C, 8/16 (in this case seeds were kept in the light for 8 hours at 21°C, and in the dark for 16 hours at 11°C per 24 hour period).

Depending on the protocol required, some fields may be empty. It is worth noting that the germination protocols described relate to controlled laboratory experiments. Translating this information to determine how to germinate seeds in the field subsequently requires care. Other websites that may be of use to gardeners are listed in the useful links.