About the Seed Information Database (SID)

The Millennium Seed Bank project aims to collect and conserve seeds from up to 25 thousand species over ten years. In so doing, Kew's Seed Conservation Department (SCD) has a unique opportunity to capture and store large amounts of taxon-based information on a range of seed biological characteristics, both from the collections and published sources.

While the primary intention is to analyse these data for predictive patterns that support seed conservation operations, it is likely that a wide variety of users outside the project will find the data valuable for many purposes.

To aid both in-house analysis and dissemination to outside users, SCD is developing a Seed Information Database (SID) and populating it with data.

SID is one of Kew's strategic databases and now forms part of the institute's electronic Plant Information Centre (ePIC) project, in which species name is a common field linking a number of other taxon databases (e.g. Angiosperm DNA C-Values ). For further information concering ePIC, click here.

Version History: including released dates and record numbers.

Version Date Released Module Records to date
SID 1.0 October 2001 Seed Storage Behaviour 10,647
SID 2.0 January 2002 Seed Weights 25,050
SID 3.0 July 2002 Seed Dispersal & 4,955
Germination 12,424
SID 4.0 January 2003 Seed Oil Contents 4,526
SID 5.0 July 2003 Seed Protein Contents & 3,603
Plant Life-form 7,061
SID 6.0 October 2004 Morphology (incl. images) & 353 (1,376)
Seed Viability Constants 70
SID 7.0 October 2006 Salt Tolerance
SID 7.1 May 2008 All modules revised 115,010

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Although previous releases of the database are no longer available online, but where an older version of SID needs to be accessed, for example to double-check data prior to citation within a paper, then individual requests can be made to sid@kew.org.