Programme for the Second Plant Genome Size Discussion Meeting

Sponsored by Annals of Botany

11 - 12 September 2003

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Wednesday 10 September 2003

12.00 - 8.00 Registration at Help Desk in the Jodrell Laboratory

Thursday 11 September 2003

8.30 Registration
9.00 Introduction and Welcome MD Bennett
9.15 Review: C-ing the true value of DNA amounts in the genomic age MD Bennett
Evolutionary forces driving changes in genome size Chair: J Bennetzen
10.00 The nature of the evolutionary forces driving genome size TR Gregory
10.40 Coffee
11.10 A mutational equilibrium model of genome size evolution D Petrov
11.50 Evolutionary forces favouring genome miniaturisation and expansion T Cavalier-Smith
12.30 Lunch
Mechanisms of genome size change Chair: J Dolezel
1.30 Mechanisms and rates of genome expansion and contraction in flowering plants J Bennetzen
2.15 Genome size, structure and evolution P Heslop-Harrison
2.50 Specific sequences involved in genome size evolution in flax C Cullis
3.25 QTLs for DNA content and their phenotypic impacts in Silene latifolia T Meagher
4.00 Tea
4.30 Poster session
6.30-8.30 Reception in the Princess of Wales Conservatory

Friday 12 September

Variation and the origin of species - Real and artifact Chair: MD Bennett
9.00 Infraspecific variation in genome size in angiosperms - identifying its existence (best practice and intraspecific variation) J Greilhuber
9.30 Plant DNA flow cytometry - 20 years after J Dolezel
10.00 Artefactual intraspecific variation and its possible origins M Noirot
10.30 When does intraspecific variation become taxonomically significant? B Murray
11.00 Coffee
Evolution of genome size Chair: J Price
11.30 Nuclear genome sizes in multicellular, eukaryotic green, red and brown algae: variation and trends D Kapraun
12.00 Evolution of genome size across land plants I Leitch
12.30 Genome evolution in the genus Sorghum J Price
1.00 Lunch
2.00 Evolution of genome size in the Brassicaceae S Johnston
2.30 Changes in genome size in Oncidiinae (Orchidaceae): the ups and downs M Chase
Technical talk Chair: B Murray
2.45 NdYAG solid state laser in flow cytometry - A novel light source for the improved analysis of ploidy and genome size in plants stained with the DNA-intercalating fluorochrome propidium iodide M Steinberg
Consequences of genome size variation Chair: B Murray
3.15 Plants in changing environments: does genome size matter? B Vilhar
3.45 Tea
4.15 C-values and ecology C Knight
4.45 Effect of genome size on AFLPs and the future of genome size research at RBG Kew M Fay
5.15 Conclusion
7.00 Dinner at Wine and Mousaka