Systematics And Genome Size Investigation In Cypripedium

Peter C Cook, Lynda Hanson and Michael F Fay

Jodrell laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 3DS, UK
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    The genus Cypripedium is part of the slipper orchid subfamily (Cypripedioideae) and contains approximately 30 species. The trnL-F region from plastid DNA and the ITS region of nuclear ribosomal (nrDNA) regions have been sequenced and phylogenetic trees have been produced. We are including additional sequences to help resolve the phylogeny. The lady’s slipper orchid C. calceolus has a C-value of 32.4 pg, a large genome which causes problems with fingerprinting techniques such as AFLP. In addition to developing other types of markers (plastid microsatellites), we are investigating the use of cloned fragments from strongly-amplifying AFLP bands as a means of identifying putative high copy number pieces of DNA. This will allow us to gain a greater understanding of genome size evolution in Cypripedium and also might provide useful phylogenetic information.