Plant DNA C-values Database

(release 6.0, December 2012)
MD Bennett and IJ Leitch


Release of new data for over 1400 species not previously listed. More details

Plant C-values Angiosperm C-values Gymnosperm C-values Pteridophyte C-values Bryophyte C-values Algal C-values

The DNA amount in the unreplicated gametic nucleus of an organism is referred to as its C-value, irrespective of the ploidy level of the taxon. The Plant DNA C-values Database currently contains data for 8510 plant species. It combines data from the Angiosperm DNA C-values Database (release 8.0, Dec 2012), Gymnosperm DNA C-values Database (release 5.0, Dec. 2012), the Pteridophyte DNA C-values Database (release 5.0, Dec. 2012), the Bryophyte DNA C-values Database (release 3.0, Dec. 2010), together with Algae DNA C-values database (release 1.0, Dec. 2004).

We are extremly grateful to Emmeline Johnston for her help in entering the new data into the database

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